Why should we look at politics with an open mind?

It’s a fact that we have been looking at politics the way our grandparents did, and, like it or not, they had no idea what politics was all about , how it affected their lives and how significant and important their vote were. As a matter of fact, they were so uninformed when it came to the political process that they would sell their vote to the highest bidder, much like we do today, not knowing that this personal form of political sale affects the community as a whole. And this lack of information related to politics does not only affect the people of JSG, but extends to the cities and villages throughout Honduras.  partido nacional de honduras

We have inherited our ancestor’s belief and ideas about why and who to vote for.  What we need to understand today is that when it comes to politics and the electoral process, what may have worked decades ago, (I doubt very much that it did), will not necessarily work in this day and age. Roatan is rapidly becoming an international destination with new problems and new challenges and believe or not, politics is playing and will continue to play a role in the growth, and in our case the non-growth of (JSG) Jose Santos Guardiola.

As voters, we Hondurans have always relied on the past to guide us in deciding what political party to vote for and this tactic has hurt us more than it has helped us. Most of us find it hard to do our own thinking and decide for ourselves what party and what candidate to vote for. Instead we chose to vote for the party and the color our parents voted for.  Most of us have share these words “I have been red all my life and I will die red or am blue and I will die blue; no you won’t! You will die black or brown or whatever color you are. Some people have even gone as far as deciding what color to vote for based on the color of the sky or the color of their blood and that is pure silliness.

Another popular saying we have is “my parents voted for (fill in the blank) and that’s the color I will vote for. Your parents probably baked on a mud stove and wrote letters by the light of a kerosene lamp; are you still baking in a mud stove and reading by the light of a kerosene lamp?, if so then go ahead and vote for the color your mother voted for. But if you are like the rest of the world who have adapted with the changing time and you cook on a gas stove and write your letter on a PC, then it’s time to revise your belief make your own choice and base your vote on something concrete.partido liberal de honduras

In order for JSG to grow and keep-up with the effective changes taking place in Roatan, we have to become politically informed and politically smart. We have to take time to listen to the candidates running for offices, ask questions and listen carefully to their answer; does the answer make sense?, is it clear?, does it lead to another question?, if it does then continue to ask question until the answer makes sense or it satisfies your interest, then go ahead make an informed choice based on the candidate you think can serve you and JSG best interest. Some people says that politics is a dirty word, but it’s more like a game and if you are going to play, as you should, learn the moves, the growth of JSG could very much depend on how  seriously and how well you play the political game.


One thought on “Why should we look at politics with an open mind?

  1. Hi, I have just discovered your blog. I am a volunteer currently living in Tegucigalpa. I found the elections very interesting to watch but I agree that politics are a big struggle for Honduras. I will continue to read your blog, thanks.

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