Choosing Your Political Leaders

Why are there so many candidates fighting for the office of the mayor of Jose Santos Guardiola?

As we all know, occupying the seat of the head of JSG is a great achievement that takes planning, preparation, execution and great effort on the part of the candidates trying to land this coveted position. With good benefits such as a sure and study income, travel opportunities, both nationally and internationally, and the opportunity to serve ones community, among other perks, makes this a much sought-after job.

What are some of the things to expect during the political campaigns?

The political campaigns are the candidates’ way of introducing themselves and their policies and plan to you the voters. However, that is not what most candidates uses this process to do, instead they use this time to talk to you about ideas they have or, they simple steer you away from the real issues that affect your life and your community by bad mouthing the other candidates. What you should hear from the candidates are their plans to better your community and improve the quality of your life, and how they are going to accomplish these plans; not how bad and unqualified the other candidates are to fill the position. If we want smarter candidate running our business, then we must become smarter voters. Most political candidates are astute and observant, if they see that you’re not interested in the issues facing your community, but are more interested in a hand-out; a plate of food or a hundred lempiras, then that is what you will get, but you deserve more. Show these candidates that you got their numbers and you want more; more than ideas, more than promise and more than a plate of food.

Freedom party of Honduras political flag

Should every candidate be interviewed?

 Like any other job that requires that the candidates for a position take an interview to see if he or she is fit for the position, so should candidates fighting for the position of Mayor of Jose Santos Guardiola. And because the winning candidate will be working for you, it is only fitting that you, as citizens of JSG, be the interviewers. Just like most job interviews, the candidate has to pass of or be passed-up.  If he or she does not meet your requirement and your need, then you need to move to the next in line and hope you find someone that is capable of doing the job you need him or her to get done, otherwise you are wasting your time and taxes.


What are some of the questions you should ask your political candidates?

            This is the part of the political process that has to do with the interview and some of the main questions you should ask your potential employee are as follow:

            Why should we hire you to work as our mayor when there are other candidates fighting for the same position?

What plans, not ideas, do you have for our community and how are you going to accomplishing these plans?

What are the issues facing our community and how will you deal with these issues?

What makes you a better choice for the office of the mayor than the other candidates?

These are only a few of the questions that need to be asked of each candidate in order for you as voters to make an informed decision. Every campaign gathering should allow a time for question and answers. If your candidates are being evasive and refuse to answer questions they should be passed up, because if they avoid your questions now, to which you deserve an answer, when they are in office you will have less access to them.

 Liberal party polical flag

Most Santos Guardiolans knows too well the issues facing our community and the many years we have been waitingqualities of a good political leader for someone to face and deal with these issues head-on instead of getting in office and avoiding them. For two long we have folded our arms and stood on the side line waiting to see what the next mayor we put in office will do. Waiting has become our daily bread, while other community passes us by economically, educationally, culturally and socially. We are leaving or kids and our future generation without culture, tradition, schools, colleges, a sense of pride in our community and a clear tomorrow.  We close our eyes to the issues we’re facing and hope for the better while we become less educated, less neighborly, less informed about the things taken place around and less caring for each other. Look around our community and you will see the destitution in the faces of the people and the places. It would be unfair to blame the politician for all the illness our community is facing because some of the blame lies on us; we continuously make poor choices when it comes to choosing our leaders.

Santos Guardiola and Oak Ridge was once the heart of Roatan, now we are simple the undeveloped sister of the red white and yellow political sign with the words: we are not fools and Our votes are not for sale.thriving West Side. We are fading away and along with us are our history, our culture, our economy, our tradition and our future. Unless we carefully choose the next leader of our community and hold him or her accountable for the plans presented to us during the campaign process, we will continue to lose. Unless we push our leaders to find a way to provide jobs; we will always be broke, reaching for hand-out and selling our voices to the highest bidder, unless we fight for schools and colleges for our children; they will always be at a disadvantage, unless we fight to restore our culture and traditions; there won’t be any record that we existed, unless we learn how to dispose of our waste properly; the environment and natural resources that helps sustain us and of which we are part of will die; and we will perish. We will perish!

When choosing your next leader, remember this: “Leaders don’t force people to follow; they invite them on a journey.” Charles S. Lauer.


Send us your comments and concern; raise your voice!



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