Where in the world is Jose Santos Guardiola?


Oak Ridge Cay in Jose Santos Guardiola

Jose Santos Guardiola (JSG) is located on the beautiful island of Roatán which is part of the Bay Islands of Honduras. The Bay Islands, ( Spanish name: Islas de La Bahia) which is home to the second largest barrier reef in the world next to Australia’s great barrier reef, is made up of three larger islands: Roatán, Guanaja ( the one that was discovered by Columbus on his final voyage, correct me if am wrong), Utila and a number of small islets. Roatán the largest of these islands is divided into two municipalities; Roatán (the capital of the Bay Islands) on the western side and Jose Santos Guardiola on the Eastern side.   Click here for more information on Where is  Roatán?


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