Helping your Child Achieve Academic Success

Reasons to get involved in your child’s education        

Your child’s academic success may very well depend on your involvement as parents.

 A father helping his son with homework

In order for a child to succeed academically today, and later in life, it’s paramount that you as parents become actively involved in your child’s educational process.

The educational year, 2012, has ended for most of the schools in Honduras, and the new educational year will begin in February 2013. If you, as a parent, have not been actively involved in your child’s education, the upcoming educational period beginning in February is a good time to get started.

It’s a well-known fact that children do better in school when their parents are involved in their educational process, and that armed with a good education, a child is more likely to succeed as an adult, both financially and socially.

One of the greatest gifts you can give your child, as a parent, is that of a good education.  The time and money you invest in your child’s education will be returned to that child tenfold.Mother helping child with homework

Things you can do to help your child to succeed academically

Packing a healthy meal of apple and P&J sandwich is not enough to help your child succeed in school. As a concerned and academically involved parent, you must attend PTA (parent-teacher association) meetings, have regular visits to your child’s school and develop a teacher parent relationship that can be beneficial to you, your child and the teacher .

Remember that your child spent almost as much time in the classroom with teachers as with you at home.

Make sure that the night before a school day your child get enough proper rest, by limiting the amount of time spend in from of the TV before going to bed.

Prepare your child to face the school day by providing a healthy meal that includes fruits and sugar free cereals. A properly feed child is able to concentrate on school work much easier than one who is hungry or hyperactive from eating a sugary meal.

Ensure that your child’s backpack is adequately equipped with the necessary tools needed to work at school. Without the proper tools of books, pencils, pens etc. the child will not be able to adequate perform his academic duties.

Check your child’s books for homework each day after school and ask about the things that was discussed and learned on that particular day. Sometimes kids forget or chose to ignore homework if they think the task is too hard, and their parents are not available to help them complete the work.a frustrated child doing homework all alone

Read with your child everyday if possible; this is a good habit to develop and it will help in other areas of study.

Congratulates and encourage your child to continue to do well after he has completed an academic task.

Perhaps one of the most important thing you, as a parent, can do to help your child succeed academically is to introduce him to the written word. Read with your child every day if possible. Reading will not only opens the child mind to a whole new world, but it will also increase critical thinking skills and help in mostly every other areas of study.

Benefits of getting involved in your child’s education

By becoming actively involved in your child’s education, your show of interest will encourage the child to do better in school.

Helping your child with homework, paying attention to grades, and encouraging responsible educational behavior, you are in fact creating a better student, thus making the teacher’s job a little easier and insuring a greater future for your child.

One of the bonuses of getting actively involved in your child’s education is that you too will learn something new along the way.

mother and child with homework on laptop

Insuring that your child achieves academic success by being actively involved in the educational process is something responsible parents do. Remember that education truly beginnings at home, and If you don’t care about your child’s education, the teachers will care less.


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