Keeping and Achieving your New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight

List of New year's resolution

   Some of the mot popular New Year’s resolutions are the ones that are hardest to keep; but year after year we make them anyway.

The most popular of the new year’s resolutions is our perpetual attempt at cutting down on our eating in order to lose weight, but most of us fail miserable when it comes to keeping and succeeding at this seemingly impossible task.

A possible reason the most popular New Year’s resolution does not work is because we attempt to put it in motion right after the two biggest eating holidays: Christmas and New Year.

Most of us decide long before the Christmas holidays that we are going to lose weight the upcoming New Year, so we make plans to eat all the food we love during the holidays and we think this is justifiable because we’ll lose the weight in the New Year, big mistake.

Woman overeating during holidays

What happens is that by overeating during the holidays we end up feeling guilty and heavier than ever. We then have to wait days until all the food we consumed settles and we feel light enough to develop the courage to get started on our resolution of losing weight.

The first days of the New Year passes and we lose the will power to initiate our journey to lose weight, so we put it off until the following year, while the cycle of failed New Year’s resolutions continues.

However, you shouldn’t feel dismayed for there are steps you can take to break the cycle and better your chances of keeping and succeeding at your New Year’s resolution to eat less, control your weight and win at this losing game.

The idea is to get your resolution underway before the holidays feasts begins, that way when all the food is being passed around it will exerciser your will power to resist your food cravings and help prevent you from overeating once the New Year arrive and your resolution is in full gear.An apple, sitting on a calender, with a ribbon wrapped around it

The following are a few things you can do to get your body, mind and soul ready to face the New Year’s resolution of losing weight, getting in shape, looking better and most of all being and feeling healthier.

First, don’t wait until the New Year to get started. Start preparing your body for what it will face the coming new year by eating less and healthier from TODAY.

Create a physical and/or mental list of all the foods you will be staying away from such as crease, fried and sugary foods.

Create a physical and/or mental list of the food you will be eating a lot off such as fruits, vegetable and lean meat and fish.medley of healthy foods

Start walking more than you normally do by parking your car as far away from the mall entrance as you can while you about your Christmas shopping.

Start eating your three meals a day. If you are used to skipping breakfast don’t. Eat something light and healthy such as scramble eggs or a bowl of cereal high in fiber, if possible.

If you are not an avid drinker, now is a good time to become one. Drink all the water you can throughout the day. Keeping yourself well hydrated will help keep you from overeating and improve the elasticity of your skin, among other benefits.

If you start practicing these few small steps from today, you will start to feel lighter and by the time the New Year comes in you will be well on your way to keeping and achieving your New Year resolution to lose weight.

Remember that, even though losing weight will improve your physical appearance, your ultimate goal should be the improvement of your overall physical, mental and emotional health.


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