The Use and Abuse of Modern Medicine: Are We Killing Ourselves to Stay Alive?.

Medical proffesional looking into a modern medicine microscope

It would be quite difficult to argue against the benefits of modern medicine and the impact it has on today’s society.  As a matter of fact, in the last few decades, modern medicine has discovered the cure for deadly diseases such as Tuberculosis and some form of cancers, but are we killing ourselves to stay alive with the use and abuse of antibiotics and other modern medicine discovery?

Danger of misusing antibiotic and other medication

Used appropriately, antibiotics are modern medicine cure for infectious diseases caused by bacteria. However, with the misuse and abuse of this medical discovery many Left hand holding a bunch of yellow and red antibiotic medications, right hand pick up a pilllives have been put at risk. Now a day everyone is diagnosing themselves with infection and taking antibiotics randomly.

If not used correctly, antibiotic can render one’s body resistant to bacteria, therefore placing one’s life in danger of not being able to fight a simple infection when necessary. Antibiotics should be used only when prescribed by a competent medical doctor.

Pain killers are some of the medications that are widely used and misused by today population. It’s easy to get hocked on pain killers and easy to acquire them with medical prescription, but they are rendering us addicts, and some of us even become victims of overdosing. As with antibiotics, pain medications should be use carefully to avoid detrimental side effects.

Why are we using drugs?

Undoubtedly, we are all on some kind of drugs.  Prescribed or not, we are all self-medicating and masking whatever physical or emotional pain we are facing. Suffering from black womam holding either side of her forehead with both handsa fever? Drink this pill. Sleeping too much? Take this one. Not sleeping enough? This pill will help. Depressed? Take this capsule. Too happy? This pill can fix it. There’s a pill for every kind of feeling or emotion we experience, thanks to modern medicine. Or ultimate goal and that of modern medicine is simple to mask and not cure, forcing us to depend on drugs for temporary relief of our ailments.

Dangers of modern medicine

One of the many danger of Modern medicine is the risk of toxicity of some medications: it’s difficult to determine the amount of a medication one can tolerated; giving too much of some medications can be toxic to the body,  not giving the right dosage can be useless and finding the balance can sometimes be difficult.

Another problem with modern medicine is the side effect of most medication, which can sometimes be quite numerous and in most cases worse than the disease it intent to cure, or in most cases, alleviate.

The bottom line is that we need to stop masking our physical feelings and emotions and start dealing directly with what ails us. If you can’t sleep stop drinking beverages that contain caffeine. If your headache is caused by stress, relieve your stress and the headache disappears. Before we engulf our bodies with drugs we should try natural ways of dealing with whatever it is affecting our lives. Proper nutrient and exercise along with proper rest is all the body needs most of the time.A woman and a man walking happily in workout clothing

Whenever possible, try to use natural remedies to alleviate minor ailments and discomfort, and avoid the overuse and misuse of drugs and other medication with which we might possible be killing ourselves to stay alive.

This does not mean that you should not seek the help of a medical professional if an ailment is persistent or unexplainable.  On the contrary, you should seek medical advice and information. The more informed you are the better you’ll be able to care for yourself and your loved ones


2 thoughts on “The Use and Abuse of Modern Medicine: Are We Killing Ourselves to Stay Alive?.

  1. I agree that it’s better to address the issues holistically rather than medicating. A little exercise, good diet, and the right amount of sleep can put us on a healthy path that eliminates much of what ails us. Being outside in nature for a mere 30 minutes a day can bring balance and a sense of well being. Nature is the best little pill and it’s been around forever and always available.

    • Thank you very much for your insight. I do believe that our creator endowed our bodies with the ability to heal itself from most ailments and that exercise, healthy nutrition and sleep are nature’s medicine.

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